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first timer

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whats up everybody!! i was surfin' the web and found this site, so i thought i'd check it out! i never knew they had a site for honda foreman riders. thats pretty cool!! i have an '05 honda foreman 500 4x4. before that, i had a '03 honda rancher 2x4. as far as mods, the foreman has 27'' ITP 589 M/S tires and ITP 7 series wheels, A/P a-arm guards, and a Venom 3000lb. winch w/ manual rocker switch. i'd like to find a pipe for it, but haven't had any success yet. the rancher has 26'' ITP Mudlites on the rear, Ramsey 2500lb. winch w/ manual switch, K&N air filter, and a HMF pipe. anyway, i'll post pics of both when i can.
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welcome to the site..........
Welcome...And there are all Honda riders and rides on here. Great site for no matter what Honda you run...And the others too....
The pipes for the newer rubicons are the same, that might help you in your search there are a bunch of options out there.
Welcome to the site " title="Applause" />
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