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First time with my plow!

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Hey guys,

Yesterday was the first time I plowed with my Foreman 500.

Wow what a tank!! It was just about 7 inches of snow, but
it was really different with my Foreman than with the snowblower.

Since I have 300 ft of driveway and on gravel I was really happy!

I bought the Cycle Country 54 inch an it swivel on both side, really convenient, cause my driveway is uphill and in a "s" format.

I will take some pic's and send it on the next snow storm.

I am still waiting to buy some Shirts of Honda Foreman from Robb.

We are 3 Foreman owners on the same road and would love to have some shirts.

Talk to you later and keep the good work on this site, it is really super!

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Gotta see some pics of that. PM sent about shirts.
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