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I know doing this topic may seem a little tiresome, but I am about to start mine in a day or two and I want to make sure I do it right, so I don't get shot in the rear with the warrenty thing. I know I need to do the fluids and the filter and all that fun stuff, but my questions are:

What do I need to do to inspect the reverse lock system? Just make sure it backs up?

What do I need to do to "Inspect the valve clearance"? Ripe off the top end of the the engine? As the repair manual describes to adjust them but is that how you insect them also? Or can I just listen and do it only if I hear a "ticking noise" is that right?

And lastly Checking the idle speed that is just making sure it idles nice after the engine is warmed up right or should I really get a portable tackometer to check it properly.

Anyhow thanks just want to make sure I do things right cause I want to beat the snot out of this thing for many many years
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