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First Service

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I know doing this topic may seem a little tiresome, but I am about to start mine in a day or two and I want to make sure I do it right, so I don't get shot in the rear with the warrenty thing. I know I need to do the fluids and the filter and all that fun stuff, but my questions are:

What do I need to do to inspect the reverse lock system? Just make sure it backs up?

What do I need to do to "Inspect the valve clearance"? Ripe off the top end of the the engine? As the repair manual describes to adjust them but is that how you insect them also? Or can I just listen and do it only if I hear a "ticking noise" is that right?

And lastly Checking the idle speed that is just making sure it idles nice after the engine is warmed up right or should I really get a portable tackometer to check it properly.

Anyhow thanks just want to make sure I do things right cause I want to beat the snot out of this thing for many many years
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To inspect your valve clearance properly you will have to remove the side and gas tank plastics, remove the gas tank, and open the valve cover and actually take a feeler gauge to the rockers, and make sure you are within specs as far as clearance.
Im not sure what they would check for idle speed, I guess that its at the right rpm?? Guess you need a little tach for that.
What I did (I got my Foreman in late Jan. of 2005) was this. Calling the dealer, the service guy told me that on the first service the valves usually on a Honda do not need adjusting at the 20 hr. rate. So, he told me to bring it in anyways and they would change the fluids and inspect everything.

So, I'm thinking change fluids? Lemme get this straight man, you're going to charge me $80 service charge to change my oils for me and "look" at a couple parts? I don't think so. So what I did was at 12 hrs. I changed my oil and oil filter myself just to be safe and left it at that. Saved me $80 too. My dad is highly experienced with mechanics work even with ATVs and I looked at it this way. The Foreman cranks right up without a second thought every time, idles good, goes into reverse great, etc.

I'll make my first service when the dealer reccommends the valves to be adjusted. I can't believe they'd try and rip someone off that much.

Geez... .
I have over 200 hours and have never adj the valves(no noise yet),use honda oil filter and 2.5 qts of Honda GN4 engine oil.The biggest maintance issue is adj ft drum brakes.Use brake parts cleaner and the manual tells you perfectly how to do it.I recently adj by the manuals rec and my front brakes are better than new (2,000 miles and 200 hours).On the diffs you dont need Honda oils,I use 80w90 hypoid Casrol for years and never replaced one bearing yet.I pint of 80w90 Castrol will do ft and rear diffs..Save your receipts from Honda and write down hours and milage on the paper.My friend use to work for Honda and thats what he rec to do for warranty issues.HOPE THAT COULD HELP!!!!!!!!!
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