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First ride with the new tires...PICS

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Took the Foreman out for the first time since the new tires and wheels on Saturday. I was very impressed with the Swamp Foxes. Didn't notice too much of a power loss with the 27s either.

First Hole

Second Good Hole

First Stuck

Attempting to winch out

Still trying...

Finally out...took an hour

Me pulling Chris

And Gary(biggreen06) found a creek
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nice pix's, looks like everyone had a good time.
yeah it was great you thats me last pic bottom you need to put the rest of them on here
nice ride it looks like
Nice pics!!! Question ....Time for a locker ?? , i like that action shot , a great example of only 1 tire spinning in the front ,, i bet you would have not been "stuck" for an hour with a >>> DGL !! or other type of Locker .....All in All GREAT PICS
Looks like you guys had a blast.
Yes the DGL in the front is a deff need. Hopefully it will be one of the next mods.
QUOTE ("selah86":3er1hltk)
that kinda mud... time for new tires....
Folks with Outlaws get stuck right there just as easy.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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