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first ride on a rincon

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Rode a 650 rincon for the first time today,,,,wow packs quite a bit bigger punch than our foremans do.Dont think a pipe and a jet kit will make that big of a difference!! I guess there is just no substitute for cc
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once you throw on a winch and a packed cooler it really slows you down. actually the bad part of a rincon is the gear box. it only has 3 speeds and doesn't provide alot of power especially when in mud or with oversized tires. but it is a damned good bike and comfortable.
One of my friend's, that ride's in our group has an '06 Rincon. That bike is very comfortable and has some pep in it's step!!! The only thing wrong is, it doesn't have any torque (low end!!) Beside's that, I guess just depend's on the kind of riding you do. I have been impressed!!!!
I still wouldn't trade the Foreman for it. Once the Foreman is water tight it is almost unstoppable. The Foreman is a whole lot less complicated to make water tight. You also don't have to worry about the radiator getting clogged or caked up with mud. I would love to have the larger displacement CC's on the Foreman but I also love the Lower 1st gear. The other thing that you have to think about is the IRS on the Rincon, in the event of you breaking a halfshaft it is going to cost you more $$$ down the road to repair that the Foreman's straight axle. I'm very loyal to my Foreman.

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