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First Oil Change at 142 miles Done

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Just wanted to share my experience that I had last night with my first oil change. Sorry to all the veterans out there who may think this is trivial. I previously owned a Polaris Trail Boss that had an oil filter just like a car’s only smaller. With this cartridge type oil filter I can definitely see the pluses and minuses. Here are a couple of my observances:

1) Oil drains very quickly and if I lift the back a bit I was able to drain quite a bit more.
2) Oil after 141 miles was still nice and clean.
3) I always have extra cardboard pieces in the garage and placed a big one under the beast and was thankful for it. After pulling the oil filter out there was quite a bit that drained and flowed down the side of the motor or the floorboards. (Note to self, remember to have small container close by to place just under the place where the cartridge is so I can place the old oil filter in immediately upon pulling out the cartridge and it can hold any oil that will drain from the recess).
4) Cartridge oil filter – I was amazed at all the particles that I could see on the elements and can definitely say that I like the cartridges for this particular reason. I saw blue and white flecks of what looked like paint, some very small metal pieces (used a magnify glass). Could never see it with the previous canister types.
5) Almost exactly 2.4 liters of oil filled it.

I was advised by the Honda dealer to use non-synthetic with the first change and wait until I hit the 600-mile mark before the switch. I complied and bought 3 liters of their Honda brand oil. I was going to change the gear oil too but upon reading a bit on the forum and the manual, with only 141 miles and my anticipated limited use this winter I will wait until the spring.

If anyone has a moment, what weight of AmSoil Synthetic should I get for the next change?
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Hey Putts255,
Great post. I am at 96 miles and this info will come in handy.
Good Post Putts255,
To get all the old oil to drain I have never lifted the rear of the machine but I do pull the rope pull start with the IGNITION OFF a few times as this will cause much more dirty oil to drain. Repeat this a few times.

Also pay close attention to the aluminum drain plug crush washer, they distort and need to be changed/ replaced often, you might just flip it over and get an xtra oil change out of it.

my first oil change was quite black dirty @ 100 miles. It looked clean on the dip stick, but was quite black once it was drained out into the drain pan.
~ dawg
I'm switching my Foreman to HP4 0W30 ATV oil, mostly because of cold start ups. My only concern is with the clutch, that's why i'm going with Honda oil for a bit. I can't help but feel like i'm off my rocker for paying the price for it.
I use Amsoil 10W40W as Honda recommends and Amsoil recommended. Most here however use 0W30W Amsoil. I live in Southeast Texas and maybe bettwer using the 10W40W but don't know. See no nead to go to 0W in my weather. Where you live, the 0W30W may be more recommended, but I stuck with Honda and Amsoil recommendations with my warranty.
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