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first new foreman got ?'s

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ok so the factory tire are junk so I realy want factor size swamp lites. ? is will i have much or any power lose and is the swamp lites good for sometimes mud but mostly trail? THANKS
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I highly recommend you get a 26" tire size. Amost all mud tires 26"s and bigger come with twice the tread depth than 25" and smaller. Usually about 1-1/4" deep. I have 26" Mudlites and they really aren't a whole lot heavier. I still have no problem spinning them which is why I'm going bigger.
You can go bigger than that,get a 27' tire,more performance,and just a little more weight.....
i have 27" i am totally stock no lift or anything and they work great love them to death would never go smaller
I have a new 500 I got it a month ago and put 27x11x14's on mine and a lift and it never lost a bit of power.... I would recommend them to anyone
I agree, go with the 27's.
Another vote for 27's, you more than enough power to turn them.
I agree, go with the 27's. I just put a set on my bike and I can't tell a bit of difference, except for all the new spots that I can go now!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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