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First fourwheeler... first time snorkle...

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Hey guys, I plan on using one of the How Tos when making my snorkle next week, (Dad gave me fourwheeler which my bro blew motor up in) and I hear a lot about running lines up the the handlebars and such. I just spent $1200 on a complete rebuild so I want to eliminate as many risks as possible. If someone could point me to some pictures or something to show me which lines need to be extended and run it would be great. Thanks
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well u need to do the front and rear brakes front and rear diffs carb vent line umm fan and i think thats it i just drilled holes in my snork pipe and used those barb air fittings in them then sliped the lines on em make sure to use rtv or ilicone around them any other questions just ask
like justin said you will need to re-route the front & rear breaks and differentials but when you re-route your top carb vent DONT route it directly to the snorkel. Also re-route your fan vent. another good idea is to re-route your crankcase breather tube over your carb just in case some water does get in it will save you a big headache. Plug your carb drain, dielectric grease every electrical fitting you can, snorkel it and your good to go.

Hope this helps!
So I can drill some holes in the pvc pipe and silicone the hoses inside of it for everything but the carb vent, which i can extend to the handle bar?

Sorry im asking so many questions, I just got this fourwheeler from my dad and its in the shop getting a motor rebuild so I can't just go out and look at it.
correct, some people also extend their gas cap vent to the handle bars. Just dont forget to plug the bottom carb drain or it could ruin your day.
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