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First break in service

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when did you have your first breakin service done?how many miles?what all do they do?
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anyone,someone,dont be scared speak right up
I did my own at 150 Miles , changed the oil and filter , frt and rear diff oil and gave it a good look at the brakes , susp and air filter. Every spring I do the same thing regardless of hours run or miles put on , It may seem excessive to some but I got 5 hard years out of my 250 Recon and had No problems in that time, as far as what the dealer does you may want to Buy the Honda TRX500 FE/FM manual and do it yourself it's easy and I find it more gratifying. call the dealer were you bought it and ask for whats involved or done and how much. It may differ from dealer to dealer . Good luck .
I did my own service at 100 miles I changed the oil, oil filter, and checked the valves.
did your valves need to be adjusted at 100 miles?
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did your valves need to be adjusted at 100 miles?
mine didn't need it until around about 400 miles i could start to hear them.
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did your valves need to be adjusted at 100 miles?
i did oil and filter changes at 25, 50 and 80 hours, i also just changed the fluid in both diffs at 80 hours
if you dont have the dealer do the first service will it void you warrenty cuz our dealer told us that? they also told us it would void the warrenty if we change the battery...
they might not honour the warrenty say if your engine blows or something, but i never did any servicing at the dealer i did it all myself. i took it back on the last month of warrenty to get the display unit replaced cause of moisture, they replaced it no prob
ok cuz im getting a bike within the next two months hopefully and i dont fell like paying $100 for them to change the oil
i hear ya, when i got mine and i heard it would be 100 bucks to do it, i said yea like thats gunna happen, its only like 8 bucks for the filter and 3buck alitter for oil
I think its your dealer trying to scam out some extra coin. My dealer said it was my choice if I wanted to do it myself or take it in for service, nothing affecting warranty.
i dont think they would know if i did it anyways
yea they ripped me off goin in on first service. 80 bucks for an oil change. i was pretty mad
the recipt they gave us said they checked and adjusted some ofther things. but we all know what they say they do isnt was they always do
My dealer also told me "just change the oil and you're good to go, don't worry about anything else" even after I repeatedly asked them..."are you sure???" This is my very first ATV and I was able to follow the owners manual and change the oil & filter with no problems.
I plan on changing the gear fluids next. I was going to adjust the clutch as well but it seems to shift ok (other than a little tight coming out of Reverse) so i'm not going to fool with that.
I may get my dealer to check/adjust the valves later on but for now, that's it.
80 bucks...ouch...29.95 to get my truck serviced..and thats a 4x4
just change ur oil, air filter and spark plug. and diffs. then once u hear a ticking noise get ur valves done..
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