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i have a 2008 Honda Rubicon 500cc its a trx500fga
ii got a sound coming from motor around 50 klm range sounds just like piston slap
i got it bored out .25 over and i got all Honda parts like piston and rings and gasket kit
and when i had it apart the crank was good no up or down play a tiny bot side to side
i have real fine brass and aluminum shavings when i drained the oil
when its not in gear it will not make the sound
all gears work like new and the auto mode works great to
i took off the clutch side last night i do not see any thing wrong yet
i was hoping yous could help me out on what it might be ??
i put in new cam and oil pump chain from Honda back in the spring
and is the nut that holds the clutch on is that right hand or left hand threads ??

thanks for looking
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