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finally spend the cash

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i finally bought mud tires.. i went with 26" mudlites all the way around. i will post pics with then not on quad and with them on it... i order them from for 269. free shipping cheapest place around.. adam h
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Wise choice...
ya its going to just dig me deeper into ground... lol
sweet deal....
I've got the same tires on my bike, love them! See my pics if you want a better idea of what they'll look like. I have 9" in front and 10" in back, the 10's don't extend out from the fender as much and throw mud & water all over you. Good luck!
For example:
I went 10"wide front and 12"wide on back...
ya i dont realy care for the 9's in front and 10's in back.. i rather have the 10's in front and 12's in back..i will get pics of the foreman with. them when ever they get here..
Did any of you with the 26" mudlites have to modify your fenders in anyway, (bend the fender braces, cut the plastic or anything), to keep them from rubbing?
Nope, no bending or cutting and still plenty of clearance. That's why I went 26" and not 27" though I would say the majority go 27 from what I've seen on this site. I just didn't want to take any chances with having to cut/bend due to rubbing. I saw a few bikes at the dealer with 27's and they were awfuly close to rubbing in the back.
That's me too. I spent too much money to be bending or cutting anything. I got my '07 Foreman Friday and I sure am liking it. I'm thinking of getting Mudlites. I didn't know if I needed to go with 25" to keep them from rubbing especially when turning or if 26" would be alright.
26 you should be good cuz we had a 06 rubicon with 27 mudlite xtr and it everly rubbed..
Clouseau, i've got the same bike also brand new (Sat. March 3rd picked up). You could go with 25's and be fine or you could go 26 and be better with no chance of rubbing. I'd recommend mudlites or 589's. The mudlite xtr's are nice too but more $$$. Others will make recomendations as well, good luck enjoy the bike.
ya xopco. said they shipped them out of evansville in ware house today so i should have them tomorrow or next day
ive had 27's Bi/Tri claws on one of mine for a year now and never have had any rubbing issues, even riding double. Go with the 27's, you will want the ground clearance sooner or later

and if your looking for tires, my claws ride as smooth as stock and will go places the mud lights and 589's only dreamed of. I too got suckered into buying 589's when i first got my bike.
i have 27" Outlaw MSTs and no lift, they do not rub ever unless i turn really hard to one direction and even then its not bad. my buddy has a foreman 500 also and he has 27" mudlite. we always try to avoid 4wd when we are out mudding just to see how far we can get and i use my 4wd A LOT less than he does. the MSTs kick ass. im not sure what kind of money you are lookin at spending but i am very very pleases with my MSTs.
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