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Finally mada a decision

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Just make sure you know before you buy them that the lugs aren't as deep as on a regular Vampire, I think they're only an inch or a little under in depth. They had to reduce lug depth to save the weight from where they added the sidewall lug.

I'd go with regular Vamps!
what do you mean by the lug?
the part of the tire that sticks out....( the tread)
tread makes more sence but lug sounds more like a lug nut not the tread size.
I think they are they same tread depth as the regular Super Swampers not Vamps. They will probably be fine for Dads bike. Plus they are at a good price.
Forewoman has them and she said she likes them.
Sorry for the confusion. And that makes sense. They'll really be better for the dad's bike and will more than likely have a smoother ride than the regular Vamps.
I like these tires, the lugs on the sides seem to help a lot. BUT, found out the hard way that they cannot be patched if they get a big hole. I got a piece of wood (about 3/4" wide 4" long) stuck in my tire and you have to tube them to fix it. You can probably plug a small hole, but not that one! Hopefully we will hook up with you guys Sunday and you can see if you like how they work! But they do ride REALLY smooth, even on pavement.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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