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Finally Got Zillas All Around (Wow)

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Finally got my ft 2 Mudzillas last night,these tires climb out of holes by my house that I never made half way through before with the Bugs.They stay clean through the stickiest of the ickiest and still pull.I was worried about being able to spin them,but they work well just crawling in low.They do nothing but grab and walk right through the mud...Dont nearly ride as smooth as the mudbugs though...Highly Rec For Mud Only Riders !!!
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so you have 28's all the way around?
Do you have a problem with power? I figured the 450 would have some bogg to it with 28's. If i go to any new tire i am prob gonna get the 29.5 outlaws but i am def gonna do some motor work to spin them things.
I have notice w/ my combo the Zillas do not throw nearly as much mud and sand as the Outlaws do. They are a bit smoother riding too.

What air pressure are you going to run?
The stuff I was playing in wasnt that deep,my winch is broke so I couldnt go crazy by myself.I most likely will bog sometimes when in thick.These tires seem like they dont to spin,I was crawling through holes and leaving a clear track behind,with the bugs in the same hole I use to punch the gas to make it.I think the tire is totally diff,I dont want to spin these and have them grab anything hard(snap parts).Yes I have 28x10x12 and 28x12x12 with 5 Psi in them(27.5"tall)...Give ya more info after this weekend.......I can say the ride in 50%better than Laws,I never had good luck with the outlaws down here in the mud.It seemed like I was always on the frame when I nailed the gas(dug down).Not downing anyone,just had bad luckwith them!!!!!!!!!
I'll agree that the bike will bog a bit in the thick stuff, but I have little probs in water to milkshake mud, when it turns to peanutbutter its over. With very little GC its eithe on the frame or bogged out. But I try to avoid that type of stuff because IMO that stuff will break parts not the watery mud.

You will see at L-Cross we will not get stuck often, but bikes with anything less that does not have a good driver will be stuck alot.

See you there. Be sure to look me up.
Oh yeah trugrit I will be on a green 450ES wtith 28 Zillas and a white cooler on the back .My bike has a small american flag on the rear tool box lid that opens.Must likely I will be wrunning a couple hours behind ya in the cell is (954)410-6789,leave a message if I dont answer.The cell service isnt that great all the time.I have a black dry box on the front rack of my ride .Look foreward to meeting some new friends to hang with.Keep In Touch Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm thinking of going 26" Zillas all around on my Foreman. What I need to ask is, how well do they ride on things such as hard packed dirt, and average dirtroads? I'll be using them as my primary tire. And does anyone know how they wear? Like a 589 maybe? Thanks!
My friend has 27s on his sp700. Has around 1400 miles on them. tons of tread left, minor wear. We do not ride on asphalt though 98% dirt/sand/mud/water, 2% black top. They are smother than my Outlaws but will still ride relatively ruff. It is not to the point where I would not recomend them or by them again though.
I know they will outlast the 589 in tread wear,I originally had 27 on mine at first.I havent had a chance to use them on hardpack or any trails yet.For mud riding they are hands down the best tires i have bought yet.And i have tried every tire out,poss look into mudbugs for mud and trail riding(specially 26").They are the lightest tire out, ride good in all terrain and last foreever and forever....MY OPINOIM ONLY!!!!!!
I'm thinking I'll go with a combo of Mudzilla rear, Mud Lites front probably to keep the cost low. Maybe dirt devils up front, haven't decided yet. Not going with Zillas up front will save me some weight and strain on the front end and will keep the cost about $40-60 lower.
The dirt devil XTs (1-1.25" tread depth) are a good all around tire too, and faily cheap too.
Yeah, according to the HighLifter site, they weigh almost equal to the Mud Lites and are cheaper and last longer. The tread design is practically identical as well . That might just be what I go with.
For a long time to save money for the ft zillas,I was running Zillas in the rear and Mudbugs in the front.The combo worked well and the steering was easy(Not Now Though).......
My steering isn't bad w/ the 26x9 Zillas up front.
My steering wasnt hard with any tire or tread type up to 27",I guess the jump to 28 is completely different because everything was harder(steer and suspension) afterwards,even when I had the Mudbug 28 in ft it was tough.Guess I need the workout anyways, its worth the ground clearance at least though.... Later on!!!!!!!!
Thats the only thing I dislike about my 26s. I only gained 1.5" of GC. I get high-centered and bottomed out more than "stuck" where IRS bike w/ lesser tires go right through.
Lift Lift
The lift kit gives you more body and fender height,the diffs are only lifted by taller tires though.Thats the most often area Hondas get hung up on and high centered...
heres something to help out when getting high centered. Only works when there is a hard bottom.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 9713iLuuMS</a>
nice paddles...I think some of us FL people need those, but not for the mud, but for more propulsion in the water!!
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