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Finally got new tires

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Well I finally got my tires today, I had originally ordered 27" gators, but with the unavailability of them, I chose to go with the itp 589's, these things pulls great. I can definately tell the difference in power but they clear no problem. I do have a question though. I put the snorkel on it and it didn't seem to have any affect on performance, but now with the bigger tires in any gear if I punch the gas wide open the engine seems to choke. I don't know if it is requiring more air because of the extra strain on the motor, or if this is normal with the increase in tire size. It almost feels like I am flooding out the motor. If this is the case how do I fix it, is it a simple mixture adjustment, or do I need to rejet and exhaust for more power. I figured the tires would have an affect, which is no problem, just don't know what to do to compensate. sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for any help.

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Sounds like you need to jet the carb due to the longer tubing and the amount of air taking in.Mind as well to put on an exhaust if youre in that situation,it will hopefully make up the power loss from the tires.hope I could help!!!!
i ended up running to 1.5 hoses on mine one was not enough so i dulled it out
yea what size hose did you run? I had to run a 2 1/2 inch hose no my rubi
I've got jets if you need them Let me know what size. Dynojet recomends 165 w/ stock filter and 170 for High flow filter and/or pipe. I have both sizes plus others.
I used 1 1.5" hose, I am thinking that I need to double it up. Truegrit I will do the snorkel and then see how it acts, I am sure the jets will need to be changed. I will probably keep the stock filter right now, untill I get the money to do all of it. Thanks for the tips and suggestions.
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