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Finally got em!

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Well, I finally got em. I decided to go with the 27" Mudlites on Type 5's. Pretty nice.
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wheel and tires

That looks good. My bike is green and I've got 27's with type 7 wheels. Is anything rubbing or did you put a lift.
Nothing is rubbing. I have about an inch clearance from the tire on the back fender. I didn't put a lift kit on it. Yet!!
That looks dang good.
looks sweet
looks good i got 27'' 589's with no rub with no lift also!!!
R those 12 or 14 " wheels? Cajun 500
they are 12" they dont make type 5's in 14" the only rim itp makes in 14" are the type 7's
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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