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field friendly mud tire for rancher

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Well I do some trail riding with pretty goopy mud so I am looking into 26's on my rancher. I am looking for a tire that will work great in the mud but be smooth enough to ride my two year old on and also not tear up the field that the guy lets me ride around in front of my house. Is this possible a good mud tire that is great for trail and doesnt tear up the yard.
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I'm sure there's something out there but I would go with 25's instead of 26's, maybe Mud Lights or something. It won't tear the land up to bad if you don't go heavy on the throttle.
i used to have 25 and 26" 589's and they were a nice all round tire.
Where are you located. I have some 26 swampwitches but I really aint looking to ship them. Would rather have local pickup.
I'm really pleased with the GBC Dirt Devils.Nice smooth ride and pull really good in the loose stuff.I'd also say stick with the 25 inch tires.
Im in south GA Plains to be exact. Yeah I have looked at several they are having a big ride in Doles May 27 I guess I will just ride around looking at everyones tires wont be the dumbest looking thing I have done. Also someone mentioned 25's instead of 26" wouldnt the 26's give more ground clearance and what would the benifits of 25's be
You would only get 1/2 inch more ground clearance but you would also lose some of the much needed power using 26 inch tires. With the 25's you are still getting a little lift, 1/2 inch and won't lose as much power but that also depends on how aggressive a tire you go with too.
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