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Fender Height Question

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Could someone tell me the height of their stock 05-06 foreman both mounted and unmounted and the height of it with a perfex kit mounted and mounted and which setting you are using. I am trying to figure out which setting gives the most lift while mounted and possibly fabbing up brackets to give it another inch. Thanks alot.
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fender height

i talked to a few people who were familiar with both lift kits and from what i gathered the hilifter will give you the most lift just ordered one today
well i already have the perflex on but i cant decide which setting give the most lift, I know the highest setting gives more lift off the bike but when i sit on it it squats down alot, almost seeming like im loosing hieght. I weigh 235 so I guess that has something to do with it. I am just wandering if the bike will sit higher when im on it on the lower setting. Thanks for the help.
Get some lift springs it will help it from squatting when you get on it....Cause im in the same boat 230lbs.......i heard it will also give you a couple of inches of lift also except on the rear but it will definatley keep it from squatting makes for a stiffer ride but it might be what your looking for.
im gonna look into the springs but i still want to modify the perfex to see if i can get it up another inch. Anybody have measurements???
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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