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Feeler gauge for valve clearance

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I have read that it is tight to get a feeler gauge in to check valve clearance on Foremans. I have a new 2006 Foreman that will be due for the first service soon and I am wondering if I need a different feeler gauge. I currently have one that the different gauges are stacked/sandwiched between 2 metal plates and swivel out one at a time for use. I don't have it in front of me but I am guessing the gauges are about 2 1/2 inches long. Will I be able to get into where I need to be with this? Thanks
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You sure will be able, that is what I have done it with.<

But I have bent it so it will fit more easier.

What I ended up doing was cut the .006 guage out of the group and then carefully bend it so it fits under the rocker. I also carefully narrowed it so it wasn't so wide. I plan on at some point finding a smaller guage set meant for small engines/motorcycles. The design of the head with the inspection caps is so awesome, it really makes it a simple job, if only they could have engineered just a little more comfort room.

I will add this, If you are not that familar with valve adjusting rather it be a quad, tractor, car, or even a race motor, it can be a little tricky in getting an accurate reading and alot of that depends on the guage you use. Once you adjust them, cycle it around a couple of times with the starter or pull start to double check yourself.
Feeler guage

Thanks for the replies and advice. I have checked valve clearance on my old Gravely equipment but not on the Foreman yet. I am a little nervous about getting all the parts on and off to do the job.
Don't worry about that, super simple. I think there is a thread in the "How to" section about adjusting valves.
We use 12" feeler gauges from Snap On , and bend the end a little approx. 1/2" from the end ..

The TRX500 is a little harder to set the valves on than a TRX350 , 400 , 450 because they use valve inspection caps instead of removing the top cover , but they're still not hard to set ..
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