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fat or norrow

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what is better to run on the rear fat or norrow. i got norrow all the way around. i was thinking about getting some fat tires for the rear.
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I run 27-12in frount and 27 12 12 in rear and i have on problems
I prefer narrow all the way around.I have 26x10-12's on all four.
i like wide tires in the rear, to me skinny in the rear just dont look right on big 4wheelers. they also help with more traction and floating in the water.
agreed wiht aaron i have 10s up front and 12s in the rear
that is what i was thinking i might go price 2 27-12-12 today. thanks for the help
if any body knows where to get some cheap tell me
Hey Coop, I run 9's front 12's in rear and love it for look and feel. Look at Rocky Mountain for an online deal, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I got my 4 bear claws, 26's for $250 delivered

fat or narrow

I run 28x9.5x12 front and 28x12.5x12 rear with 1.5 spacers on front to get the tires out but without putting the extra weight of a bigger tire.
I have 26X9X12 Front & 26X12X12 Rear

For my riding conditions and style, plus what
I carry it really works well

I have yet to see Anyone beat Rocky Mountian
For Service & Price
i am thinking of holding off on the fat tires and getting the proformance kit form atv outfitters. what do yall think?
Personally, I like my tires fat & my o'le lady narrow.
i hear that
Good question??? Power kit or tires. You can always go to ebay type in tire size and brand under search. But then again you want a power kit. You do have tires right now but not a power kit hey watch this video and hear the HMF on mind I would go with the power kit then get the tires later. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
On second thought just listen to the HMF don't watch the video its a bumpy field. Really hard to hold a camera drive and go almost 40mph in that field.
i done made up my mind and getting the power kit. i get 5 paydays this month
QUOTE ("Coop":1inpfcva)
if any body knows where to get some cheap tell me
<a href="" target="_blank"></a> cheap and free shipping.
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