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Fan Troubles

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Hey Guys,

I was out riding today and the fan quit running, I checked the fuse OK, and all connections OK. We were in some creek beds and it got a little deep 2' but nothing severe. Any ideas what may have happened? It's a 2006 Foreman 500S, still under warranty so I may just take it to the dealer.

Thanks in advance.
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the water from the creek probally cooled the engine and no fan was needed
We thought the same thing when we were in the water, but when we got home we let it sit and run for a while and it was plenty hot and the fan never came on.

look at the connection where the fan plugs in and make sure that it is plugged in all the way and make sure it doesn't have any water in it...

a friend of mine found that his was never plugged in.... it was unplugged and full of mud.
I always worry about this, I went riding 2 weekends ago and it was about 40 out and it never came on. I'm guessing I did not get on it that hard and it was cool enough out to keep it cool.
mine only comes on when i'm just putting around for quite a while. Most of the time when we ride its ballz to the wall so air naturally cools it enough that no fan is needed
I have a cylinder head temp. gauge on my 500 and the fan doesn't come on until about 375 degrees,then the fan shuts off around 350 degrees.Normal trail riding,it usually doesn't get hot enough for the fan to run,"putting" around in 1st. or 2nd. gear then it cycles on and off regularily.
fan is just a trans cooler anyway. not designed to cool the engine although it helps because the oil its cooling runs in both.
QUOTE ("Yooperforeman":2pg1p22r)
I have a cylinder head temp. gauge on my 500...
How did you rig that up Yooperformance? Any Pictures?

I'll put up a picture tomorrow. It was really easy to do. I mounted the gauge in that black plastic piece between the gas cap and the seat.There's a sensor for the gauge that installs like a washer underneath the spark plug.
interesting... where did you make that purchase?
The gauge is made by VDO,I bought it from JEG'S.I thought I had the pictures stored on my computer here at work,but can't find them,I'll get a new picture posted soon.
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