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fan switch

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Okay so i have my girlfriends 450 tore down to just wires, frame and motor i would like to go ahead and add a switch to her bike for the fan what color wire do i need to splice is it the blue or the green wire to add the switch also if you know what color wire it is for my 500 please let me know cause as soon as hers goes back together mines comeing apart and getting the same treatment
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can i ask what is the point of a fan over ride? i've seen several people do it but havent figured out why
the reason is simple the fan comes on when your motors gets to hot well why not have full control of when it runs if you leave your fan on all the time your bike will run cooler and the cooler your bike runs the longer your bike runs
i see that was what i was thinking but wasnt for sure
so nobody knows?
I thought there was only one wire at the temp. sensor in the engine block.The sensor just grounds out the wire when it gets to the temp..Correct me if I'm wrong,but I think this is the way it is on the Foreman 500.
I've tapped into the power wire right on the back of the fan, this way if u don't turn it on the system itself still can,its not the green wire. To date every honda i've worked on the green wire is always the ground.
I have mine tied into the blue wire that goes to the temp. sensor. When you turn it on the oil light comes on with it, some dont like the light coming on, but I think of it as a reminder. I have it wired to a 3 position toggle switch so I can turn if off, manual and back to factory.
Has anyone had their fan kick on when under water?I've had my old CJ-7 in deep water and the fan throws water all over.That's nice on an electric fan where you can turn it off when goin' deep. Maybe the fan on ATV's won't come on anyway when submerged becuse of the water cooling the engine.
thanx for the imput guys but i have decided to not put a switch on the fan i am just going to leave it alone instead i am going to put a light on the back of them just because thanx again though
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