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fan switch

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hello all, been reading through the forum for sometime now but this is my first post. I have a 03 foreman 450s 4x4 and would like to add a manual switch to the cooling fan, but would like to retain it working off the sensor when i have the switch off. So i guess the switch settings would be "auto" and "on". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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We talked about this in the Rincon section about the pros/cons of the ON / OFF switch and the ON / AUTO switch. Look under the overheating forum. Sorry, I don't know how to post that page on here. Hope this helps. Good luck, I think alot of us have done this due to the overheating problem with the Rincon.
Thanx for comming to my rescue WVForeman.. There is the site
no problem....if you want to post old posts..just open the old post up...go to your address bar click it copy it and then go to the new place you want to post and paste it...
i have a toggle switch mounted in the center of my handle bars under the little center cap in the middle .. i love it and it works great ...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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