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Fan switch

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I've been reading alot of posts here and found a thread on installing a toggle switch for the cooling fan.
I read somewhere on exactly were the blue wire is to access and Someone forgot to mention that you have to take off the inside fender guard close to the frame. Ah ha.. there it is. Mounted the switch on the plastic cover over the handle bars(right on the Honda simble),easy to access and now don't have to worry about sensors not working or thermostats not working.

Thanks guys,This site is a wealth of info
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True .. True..

Good modification. Just don't get a brain fart and ride with it off. Ooos..
Good modification. Just don't get a brain fart and ride with it off. Ooos..
If done correctly, this should never happen. You should never wire this switch into the circuit so that it disconnects the fan from the temperature sensor.

The toggle switch should not replace or be wired in series with the sensor, it should be wired in parallel with it. This way the two position switch could be labeled "auto" in one position, and "on" in the other. In the auto position only the sensor will control the fan, but in the on position, should the switch ever fail, the sensor would still turn the fan on when needed.

Good idea....But I have heard alot of people doing just that.. They turn it on when they ride, and off when they stop. But I agree, ON/AUTO is alot safer than ON/OFF..
Well its actually a simpler installation when its done the correct way.

You don't even have to cut the blue wire, you only have to strip a small amount of insulation from it (1/4"), connect (solder) a wire from one terminal of the single pole toggle switch to that stripped portion, connect another wire from the opposite switch terminal to ground. Violla!
Again.. as Boomhower would say.. " Yup...Ummmmmm"..
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