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Fan seems like it was coming on alot?!

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I went riding yesterday and noticed that the fan came on alot. I live in the south so it was about 70 */- and the sun was out the whole time. I was going through some pretty nasty stuff and when I was on a trail I was going slow. Iam reading all the post about putting a temp gauge on, should I do this? Iam running the oil that was recomended by the dealership, it was the honda brand, I believe 20W. When I go riding Iam not going fast so theres not much air going through it. When the fan came on, it stayed on for about 10-15 min and went off, so it sounds like its doing its job. Iam just wondering about when it turns 98/100 degrees outside.
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My fan runs alot. Even at 15 degrees below freezing the fan will continue to run for several minutes even after I stop the engine. Even, or oddly enough, especially after high speed runs when you would think there would be lots of airflow. The temp light never comes on though. I wouldn't worry unless you don't hear the fan running. A manual fan switch is a great mod to not only run the fan whenever you want but also to check that it works before and during a ride.
Adding a temp gauge still sounds like a great idea.
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