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Fan question for 05 & 06 foreman

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i have noticed on my 05 foreman the fan comes on alot more and sooner than it did on my 03 foreman..i can ride for about 20 minutes in 65 degree weather and it comes on..used to with the 03 foreman it might would come on once a hour in the middle of summer..are these fans designed to come on more frequent..or is something screwy with mine..the engine is just getting warm when it's coming on..
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Mine also comes on a lot.It's been in the 40's here and the fan always comes on when I'm riding.I've been wondering if something is wrong too.
maby the bigger engines heat up faster?
My friends foreman 450 has a cooling fan and it rarely comes on.I thought too about the bigger motor and the engine on the Foreman 500 seems to have more plastics covering the engine which retains the heat more.
mine dosnt come on that often and i live in florida....what weight of oil r u using?
Here in Canada fan only comes on in the winter time.
In the summer after extended long runs at full speed fan does come on.
Just glad the fan does come on to cool engine down. Works the same as
my 2004 Honda 450 ES. I also had a 2000 350 ES but the fan was on more than the two newer units.

2006 Honda 500 Foreman ES
Perflex Liftkit
28" Swamp Fox tires
fender protectors
h/t warmers
kimpex seat
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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