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fan off but the temp indicator is on ?

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today i was riding in alot of mud and water and my fan came on alot well one the way back my fan was off and thetemp indicator light came on and the fan didnt
is this ok ?
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if the light came on and the fan didn't, something is wrong. make sure a stick hasn't got jammed up in the fan to keep it from turning or try turning it by hand to make sure it is not froze up. The sticks getting in the fan are a common problem down here.
let me try that right now thanks i never thought of ithat lol
maybe this is why your bike is overheating like you stated in your other post. yeah deffianately check to see if the fan works. maybe simple as mud built up or it or a stick, or it could be something electrical. either way check into why your fan isnt working. if you cant figure it out, take it to a shop, it should just be some simple trouble shooting. if you had a manual you could probably find some test for the fan in it.
ok the fan moves now im going to test it in the morning i looked in my shop bookelt and it says how to test it thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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