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I bought a "project" 2003 Foreman 450 S last year. I noticed that even when the engine (and exhaust!) was hot as ****, my fan didn't come on. So I found a YouTube vid (of course I did) that showed how to hotwire it just to make sure the fan is still working. Mine was and I so bought a cheap Chinese temp sensor and replaced the old one.

Trouble is, it works too well, at first, the red light and fan came on when I just turned the key and it was cold! Lately, seems to work a bit comes on after driving for a minute or so and just stays on. The red light is supposed to indicate an overheating situation, and mine is on most of the time. For the most part, if the red light is on, so is the fan.

Did I just cheap out on the sensor? Do I have a bad relay?

Foreman has 6800 miles on it.
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