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fan comes on alot

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My wife has an 06 Rubicon, and so does my buddy. Her fan comes on every now and then, but his seems to come on alot. We went the other day, 50's, easy riding down logging roads. Hers never came on and his came on at every start up after the first couple. Never did get a temp light on. His is brand new, put the first 30 miles or so on it. Can there be that much of a difference in the set points on the thermo switches between the two? I felt both radiators and they "felt" the same, didn't burn my fingers. Something to be concerned about, or just the way some Rubi's are?

Thanks for any and all input.

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When my Foreman was brand new the fan came on a lot.Maybe when they're new the tolerances in the engine are tighter and therfore more friction which tends to run hot.Now that it's broken in,the fan doesn't seem to come on as much.I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
I would go have it checked, if it's coming on that much at 50 degrees outside on an easy ride, it may be worse on the hot days. New with 30 miles, warrenty should cover it anyway.
You don't have mud in the rad do you? That would cause things to heat up quicker.
Its probably mud, happens to me all the time.
Mud heating up my Ruby is the only problem I have with the bike. But a few quick splashes through a creek takes care of it on the trail, then clean it good after every ride
buy a foreman lol
I like the Foreman, but I love the Ruby's tranny. As long as it's Honda, I will take it!
ya honda i will take it except a rincon.. i whould have to think bout that one
on my o4 I have to wash out the rad after every ride, or my fan works overtime. Looking at relocating the rad when i get the time
Same problem here Xray. I thought about relocating mine to the front rack, but I use them a lot hauling gear. Guess I will just have to deal with it.
ya on the rub we had the fan came on alot if u just riding uner 25mph for alot time
No mud, this is brand new. We were going around 15 mph most of the time. I'll give it a few more rides before I worry him. Thanks guys
That's when mine was coming on frequently...just putting through the woods in first and second gear.At that slow speed there's not enough air flow across the engine.
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