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fan bypass switch question!

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I was hooking up the bypass switch for the fan motor and I read on here the other day that it would be the blue wire that needed to be grounded to turn the fan on manually. I just tried grounding it and nothing happened, so i did what i thought from the beging and I put it to the positive side and the fan turned on and the oil light didn't come on like I read it was supposed to. Just woundering if this is the correct way to do it and will this hurt anything this way?
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should work buust ran a hot wire to the fan and ran a groung wire from fan to battery but i wouldnt do it at all because mine blew up motor honda shop said if u put them on manual switch eventually the motor will go out for some odd reason i had to buy a whole new fan motor
the blue wire you are referring to is located on the rear bottom of the engine under the pull rope assem. this is the wire you need to tie into and run through a toggle to a ground. It runs out to the frame on the right side by the foot brake pivot point.
thanks for the reply guys. Dirty, the blue wire that runs out the temp. sensor out of the back of the motor is it the same blue wire on the back of fan? Because the way I did it is I tied into the blue wire on the back of the fan with a positve wire that come from my toggle switch. And seems to be working correct, is this accetable? Because putting a ground on the blue wire doesn't seem to do anything. Thanks for your help with this.
no they are not the same wire, the one on the sensor runs to the fan control unit and sends a ground signal to the fan when needed. If I remember right the wire on the fan is always hot. you may want to check your fuses under the seat to make sure none are blown. But unhook the wires you installed first. Something is wrong with your system if it doesn't come on by ground out the sensor wire.
O, that makes alot more sense. That is why it wouldn't work when I tried it the first time. I will try discontecting what I hooked up and give splicing in by the sensor a try. I'll keep yall posted on this. Thanks a lot!
just finished wiring the fan toggle the way you said and it works great. And the oil light came on just like yall said. Thanks for all the good info Dirty! Finally, everything is starting to come ta gether. Next thing on the list is one of Dirty4mans snorkle kits. To be continued...
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