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i got it back form the shop about a month ago and just rode it around the street ans stuff to break it in again after having the top and bottom end rebuilt from a smidgen of mud getting in the motor, well this weekend i went up to Timberlanes for my bachelor party, me and the guys serving in my wedding, well friday i rode all day and it ran great went through some deep stuff and all. next morning go ride and about 20 mins into the ride it starts fukin smoking bad, check the oil it was milked as shitt, i never went over my snorkel or got water in the airbox any kind of way, plus my crankcase vent is looped and mounted high in the box. could it just be my rings or will i have to get the whole motor rebuilt again?? its smoking alot worse than the first time but jsut water got in not mud/trash. once i fix this dam thing im getting rid of it and goin back to my 300 fourtrax
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have you sealed your pull start cord....there is a drain hole on it and then you should seal the pull cord as well
Hate to hear about your luck. I would be really pissed too. If you want to sell rims/tires let me know
if u want to sale some stuff hit me up i might b some..
the crank rope was supposed to be sealed, but thats the only place i can think of that it would have gotten in.

if i do sell i will try to sell whole first, before i pull stuff off. ill probably get teh new rancher 420, something a little smaller and easier for my wife to handle
ya i havent heard much bout the new 420 rancher

sorry to hear that you have a problem like that.

but, i saw a new 420 out on the trails a few days ago, that thing is sweet!!

fuel injected, liquid cooled. that thing has got some potencial

it has some power too...
how likley is water to get in from the pull rope
I'm wondering the same thing coop. I have seen how they seal it up but don't know if I can do it. I might try when it warms up.
The foremans dont have a really big problem with water getting into the pull starter but it is good to seal it up..... you can either buy the kit on highlifter or just pull the cover off put some silicone around it and put er back on and you should be fine
Seal it up Big Daddy, bring 'er in the living room and have at it. Just pull cover (pain in the butt, I took off airbox just to give me a little more room), put a nice bead of black RTV around cover and put back on machine. Next pull handle until you see the rope, put a big terd on rope and angled part of handle that seats in the metal housing. Next fill the top part of handle where knot is, spit on finger and make it look perty. I would definetely do it since you own the yellow sub. Good day Captain.
That's why I'm starting to do all this stuff! I know I'm going to sink it again.
ya big daddy
im gettin the same way.... but o well.. if i sink it i sink it....
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