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F.I. rincons stalling?

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Does anyone have a stalling problem with the F.I. rincon?
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:question: my 07 rincon 680 is stalling too.....mine mosty stalls when shiffting from forword to rev or opp. i hear that there is a problem with the oil draining off the torque converter. some say that i should use 0w40 in it????
feed back would be great.
finding it hard to believe that there are so manny good HONDA tecs out there and no one can tell us what is going on with our stalling rincon 680's!!!!

you would think that the mighty HONDA CANADA would have enough "know how" to tell us how to fix this. i think there afraid of the SAFTY issue of a HONDA stalling in the middle of a climb and dont want to get there hands into it. sorry honda your way behind the ball with this one, CAN AM would have this problem fixed.

unhappy honda owner
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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