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Extreme products disc brakes?

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My front drums are just about shot, and now i need some brakes and do not want to rebuild the drums any longer. I have heard these are better than the HL ones, the pads seem to last longer on these and they cross reference pads also i beleive, from like an arctic cat 500 or something. My other question is my stock bearing have nearly a 1000 miles on them and dont wobble much, but should i go ahead and replace them if i order the brake kit? I think dirtyforeman runs these, hopefully he will pop in here sometime and help me out, or any one else who has these.
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I'll be interested in a reply on this topic because my brakes are JUNK!
How much does that disc brake set up cost?
Last time i call matt @atvoutfitters it was 289.99 which is better than having to rebuild my drums, any info would help greatly on there brakes. forum does not ever answer any questions and have yet to release the rear disc kit that was suppse to be done last year. Thanks
I would go ahead & replace the bearings. When i put my disc brakes on, i
wasn't gonna replace the bearings, but after lookin' at them, they were junk.
Even though they had no wobble to them, they were shot. I have HL disc
brakes & they are great. I wanted the Extrem Disc Brakes, but they were
sold out. For the price i bought them for, i couldn't complain.
What about the REAR brakes? Wouldn't it be better, if you were gonna have one or the other to have the REARS?
Most of your stoppin' power comes from the front breaks. I would replace them
before the rears. The rears are important don't get me wrong, but the fronts
will stop you better.
yes I have the xtreme brakes on mine and the wife has the HL kit. To me the xtreme kit is better due the rotor being solid and thicker, not slotted like the HL kit. On the HL kit I have noticed that they need to be pumped from time to time to get it to stop. So far both kit have helded up good, but I still perfer the xtreme. As far as front or rear, I would get the front. But it would be nice to have both.
Dirtyforeman what pad do you use to replace when they wear down? Do they cross reference with any other pads? I just found a place for less than 300 shipped to my door.
I got the brakes in Dec, I haven't had to replace them yet, not sure on if they interchange with other brake pads or not.
i run the extreme disc brakes also and the replacement pad is the EBC FA395SV pad.
What about the HL brakes? Is there a replacement pad for them or do you
have to get pads from HL?
i think there is a cross for the HL pads i will find out asap.
the cross is a EBC # FA271R
Thanks. I don't know how long these pads will last. Where we ride at mostly
is full of sand & water. Those will make the pads wear down much faster.
thanks i will be ordering soon
I also have the HL disks. When I installed them, I put the HL sealed bearings in the front. I've been very happy with the setup. My bike is an 01' with about 550 miles on it, so I don't ride that much. I've never had to replace my pads and I've had the brakes for about 2years. I've checked them and they always look good.
same here, i have hl brakes and seal bearings, this is the best mod i have every made to my foreman for no mud ridding purposes...
I have heard that Hl's sealed bearings arent worth teh extra cash? This is just what i heard, i have alwasy been told to run the pivot works kit or moose. thanks for all the help you guys have given me
I guess my sealed bearings are holding up fine. I have'nt pulled anything apart to look at them. I didn't pay much more than I would have for regular bearings and I brought the spindles to HL and they pressed in the bearings for free. I also think the disk brakes were the best mod I've made. That or the 424 unlocker.
How does your foreman do with 28" outlaws??
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