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Extreme disc brake problems??

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Finally got the disc brake conversion kit and installed it on my 99 foreman 450 S. Has anyone else installed this kit on a 450S and had problems. The new "studs" that came with my kit would not screw all the way down into the 1/2" spacer which left the rotor loose. Even after putting in the extra spacers on (included with the kit) it still would not snug up. It seems that the threads need to be cut longer on the bolts they sent. I couldn't find a machine shop that could cut the threads longer, nor could I find more bolts that would work ( I checked Lowes, Fastenal, etc.). I finally settled for extra spacers and placed them between the hub and 1/2" spacer. This helped, but now the heads of the bolts (behind the rotors) are rubbing against the edge of the brake caliper. I grinded them down and that seemed to help. I still have more grinding to do to alleviate them from rubbing. After riding around in the yard, the brakes do make a world of difference. Now maybe when I go back to West Virginia, I'll finally be able to stop when going downhill !!
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WOW....Sounds like alot of home modification to do an a purchased item. Did the manufacturer say that some modifications may need to be made, or is there a possibility that they sent you the wrong set up. I cant imagine you having to buy and grind on an just install item. That would have scarred the crap out of me. I am glad your up and running though..
Yeah, I wasn't too happy about having to make modifications to the kit. I ran around town about 2 hours looking for a machine shop to cut the threads. It took me way too long to put them on due to this. I could have had them on in 1 hour if they fit properly, instead I wasted 5 hours on this upgrade. I think it was worth the hassle. I also got to try out my warn 424 upgrade. Man what a difference that thing made. I can do donuts in third gear now! At least until I get my new tires in a couple of weeks.
Oh yea...that 424 kit is sweet. Now get 100% of the power to the rear wheels... Have you sent or talked to the company you bought the lift from? Open a can o Whoop A$$ and make them pay for mileage, parts and time for their so called " Just Install " part.....
I've put 3 of this kits on an no problems, It should go rotor, 4 tube spacer, hub, then 1/2" spacer you screw studs in if I recall.
I tried to install it that same way and the bolts still wouldn't seat all the way down. The heads still stuck out too far behind the rotor. I put another set of washers between the rotor and tube spacers and this finally snugged the bolt down to the rotor. Even after this, some of the bolts are scraping the caliper bracket and making a small squealing sound. I checked and I could see the wear on the heads of the bolts and on the caliper bracket. I'm going to file the caliper bracket and heads of the bolts down enough to remedy this, and it should work fine.
As far as opening up a can of whoop a** to the company, I am going to let them know about the trouble I had. I'm going to order my wheels and tires from them because they have the best price, so I'm not going to piss them off because I don't won't them to screw me on them also.
I have also installed 3 sets of the XPATV brake kits without any problems. Did you call them and let them know what problem you are having? They are very quick to help out! I would give them a shout, before you do anymore modifing on the set up.
Okay, sanded down the caliper mounts to make room for the heads of the studs to clear, repainted them black, and re-assembled the brakes. They now work without any problems. I can stop much better now than before, and they should hold up much better than stock drum brakes.
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