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External Oil Cooler?

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Has anyone ever thought of buying an external oil cooler to help keep the Rubi transmission cool, like the ones you buy for a truck if you tow a lot? I don't need one (yet), but I hear a lot of people talking about overheating. And if the engine is running hot, so is the transmission, which probably causes a vast majority of transmission failures in any vehicle.

Do you think one of these would help? They are pretty cheap insurance if they can help keep everything that much cooler, and worth it IMO.
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just put a fan override switch on ur bike and turn it on between water holes and mud holes...thats what i do...after the first time of it not coming on an entire ride until the last big hole before i got back to the truck and right as i get down in the bottom of the hole the fan kicks on and splashes the hottest liquid all over my bare legs(wearing shorts) ive ever had...temperature light never came on or anything, but when we stop and take breaks i turn off the bike and turn the key back on and turn a toggle switch on and fan kicks on....alot better than trying to put another cooler on a bike...i need my racks to put stuff on

if u need some help putting a switch on just pm me and ill try to explain
Most people that have overheating problems because thier radiator is clogged with mud in that case an extra oil cooler would not do alot of good but any extra cooling will help.
Does the pump put out enough volume to handle an auxilliary oil cooler?
the pump should put out enough, it will just hold more oil in the bike.
well i have to admit it is a good idea... my 2007 has an oil cooler. It sits right in front of the radiator. After every ride i have to take the 4 bolts out of the oil cooler and clean behind it because mud gets stuck in there.
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