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extended warrenty

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the dealer told me i could get the extended warrenty i think it was 5 years. what do i get with that, and is it worth it to buy? i think it was 500 bucks
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I think I paid 600 for 42 month extended warranty, so 500 for 5 years is a good deal compared to what I paid. The warranty has no miliage limit and no deductible which is very nice. I am pretty sure it covers everything stock that fails due to manufacturers defects. As long as it is not obviously your fault they should cover it. That comes out to less than 28 cents a day for the 5 year duration, and thats pretty cheap for peace of mind.
That price sounds about right I guess. I got my first 2 years of warranty free (offer ended the day I signed the deal, Feb. 28th) and I went ahead and took the offer on the additional 2 years for $250 or so. I got it for peace of mind because I don't plan on abusing my machine so if something happens, I won't have to deal with it! It's up to you
cmon man! its a honda! haha
how long is the warrenty that comes with it for free?
they are so nit picky about their products and almost everything is YOUR fault unless you can prove it was a defect. thats how the dealship is i bought mine from. i say if you have a decent length warrenty that comes with it, dont worry about it.... but 500 for 5 years is a very good price. if you got the extra money go for it
it came with a 6 month warrenty
thats what mine came with... if you take it in any deep water or mud.... or if your quad even looks like it went in either, your warrenty will not cover any or all problems you have with it
i peronaly would save the money.... ask them if you can purchase it later(when your 6 months is up) or if it is only a one time option
I've been battling the same issue with my winch. I called Gorilla winch and they sent me a different style mount that would have worked but it hung the fairlead roller out about 3" from the bumper and angled down. Look stupider than sh#t. So then I just took and drilled 4 new holes and moved the winch over a little on the original winch plate. That gave me just enough clearance, but they need to address this issue. When I finally got it to fit nice and finished hooking up everything, the winch would only work in the "out" position but the contactor sounded like it was working in both. I called and they sent me another winch motor only. This one is tighter to the support than the other one but after I installed that one, it would only work in the "in" position. Baffled, I loosened up the contactor to where it is basically hand tight on the mount and now it works in both directions. Needeless to say, they (Gorilla Winch) have been extremely helpful in all of this, now I have to figure out what to do about the contactor. Never thoought a simple winch install would take 3 weeks.
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