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Extended warranty

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I'm leaning towards a 2006 500 Canadian Trail Edition and was just wondering if it was worth buying the extended warranty. I highly doubt I will be punishing this machine, but do they break down or have tranny failures on a regular basis?

edit to add....I just checked the retail price of 42 month warranty and it is $1327.00 Canadian which seems a little high to me. How much movement do the dealers have on the warranty price?
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I think the warranty is like insurance, it is expensive until you have to use it, then it can be a money saver. However if you plan on snorkeling it and doing a bunch of mods that are going to void the warranty it is not worth it at all. Unless you can clean the machine and put it back to stock before it goes in.

I don't know the exchange rate but I think I paid like $450 US for another 3.5 years on my extended. 1327 sound like allot.
If you take care of it and do the maintance you are wasting your $
I have my forman for 3 + years and got the extended warrenty
and did not use it and I pounded mine on Pa top soil (rocks )
lots of them the Des is yours
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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