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i took mine in twice and both times they covered it under warranty..the first time my clutch basket came apart and they gave a hard road but it came down to noone had ever seen this happen so they had no idea why it failed so they had to replace it..the second time was for the rear seal where the shaft comes out towards the rearend...they fixed that one as well but said it was probably cause a stick or something hit it..there is almost no way for something to hit it they fixed it and replaced my swingarm bearings for no extra cost... as far as seems as if they dont want to hurry up a warranty job because they arent getting cash money in hand for the work...the first time mine went in it was 9 weeks before i got it back....the second it was 3 weeks....but i figured i payed for it up front when we bought it is was the same as cash money..
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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