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Extended Warranty worth it?

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I'm picking up a new Foreman from Southern Honda in Chattanooga this Friday and they are pushing the extended 4 year warranty. (I missed the free warranty in March! ) Is this warranty worth it?
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AAGH. That stinks.. We purchased a 500 Foreman from there. I was the first one in line on Saturday 2 hours before they opened. By the time they opened there were 30 people behind me by 8am. They had the extended warrantee for free so obviously took it. I have heard that they wont honor a bike that is snorkled and all this other BS.. I have never had a dealer refuse to fix anything with both the 650 and the 500 modified. I would say, Yes .. It is worth it. But at the same time, you will probably hear war stories about geting it. And this I dont deny. I have heard nasty crap that dealers try to get out of...I have never regretted it.
NO itis a waste of time and money. You take it up to shop thinking that oh I have warranty. You do but you have to prove to them now that it was a manufactor defect. What a line of crap.
i took mine in twice and both times they covered it under warranty..the first time my clutch basket came apart and they gave a hard road but it came down to noone had ever seen this happen so they had no idea why it failed so they had to replace it..the second time was for the rear seal where the shaft comes out towards the rearend...they fixed that one as well but said it was probably cause a stick or something hit it..there is almost no way for something to hit it they fixed it and replaced my swingarm bearings for no extra cost... as far as seems as if they dont want to hurry up a warranty job because they arent getting cash money in hand for the work...the first time mine went in it was 9 weeks before i got it back....the second it was 3 weeks....but i figured i payed for it up front when we bought it is was the same as cash money..
See there..Case in point.. Some say potato..and some say potato. Did that come out right? You get my point.
i say its worth it....i torn up the transmission in mine before i made the first payment on it, right before deer the way, snatching another 4 wheeler out isn't good for it....but anyway, i gave em some bs story and they covered it and had my bike back to me in 4 days.....i did get a call from honda asking what kind of tires i had on it and they said they were having some of the same problems with people who had the bigger mud tires on them.....i think the transmission would have cost a bundle so i would say you should get it.
IMO it is worth it. My engine seized at 7hrs due to a broken oil pump. If it had not been for the factory 6mo warranty, I would have been completely SOL. I went ahead and purchased the ext. warranty after that ordeal, worried my bike was a lemon. Jury is still out.

If you plan to mod the heck out of it, and your dealer service guy is not your best friend, however, you will likely be told that you voided it. If you will keep it mostly stock, get the warranty.

The Honda customer reps will tell you themselves when you come crying, "we never guaranteed our ATVs to be perfect, sir." Therefore, cover your butt as much as you can.
I bought the extended warranty for my 04 Foreman. Then we lifted it, put bigger tires and snorkeled it. I didn't have any problems but figured if I took it in they wouldn't warranty it like that with the mods, SO, I cashed it in!! So, that is one good thing. If you don't end up using it, you can cash it in....I got over $200 back.
I would say to go ahead and get it, keep it for at least a year just to be sure if you have a "lemon", it's covered, then cash it in later.
One thing I would HIGHLY recommend, that's not too expensive is INSURANCE! If you wreck the bike or it gets stolen or something, it's covered! Mine is about $150 for the year.
Thanks for the replies. I'm not planning on major mods, at least not anytime soon, so the warranty should apply. I may cash it in after the first year if everything goes well. Thanks!
Unless dealer denys work that feel should be covered, I plan on keeping mine for the full 4 year term. If they try to deny coverage, I will then cash in. Don't know yet as I actually hope to never need the warranty.
Good point foreWOMAN450.. Everyone was always under the impression that trying to buy insurance on a 4 wheeler was like insuring a box of cigars for arson.. When actually, insurance on them is a very smart...and AFFORDABLE and well worth it.
what the dealer told me was that you only void the part of the bike that you modded so you can do almost any mod but you can still have warrenty on the electric system
QUOTE ("muddin500":1n15f411)
what the dealer told me was that you only void the part of the bike that you modded so you can do almost any mod but you can still have warrenty on the electric system
That's what the dealer says NOW but let's see if they warranty the electrical problem once you roll it in there with a snorkle!
They will come up with some excuse, I'm sure. But, I do agree that it is worth having for a while just to be on the safe side!
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