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exhausts for 2006 rubicon

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Hi I have a 2006 rubicon 500 and yesterday went to the local dealership to get some parts but i could not find an exhaust for a 2006 rubicon....anyone out there know of any or have any suggestions?? Apparently, exhausts are only available for rubicons up to 2005....Is this true???????
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I know you can get the HMF utility series for your 2006 rubicon. That is what I have on my 2002 and I love it. It is pretty loud though but they make queit cores for them if you dont want it loud.
the dealership told me that fmf exhausts were not available yet for 2005 and 2006, i purchased a 2'lift kit, jet jit, k&n filter, 14" itp type ss112 rims, 27" mud lite xtr tires and a hot cam musbuster....can't wait to get it back with all that done and go ripping through the mud....still want an exhaust though
FMF might not be out but HMF is. That is what I have on mine.
I am running an FMF Powerline on my 2006 rubcon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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