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Anyone else notice "especially @ night" their header pipe turn cherry red while running @ almost full out? Noticed tonight mine and my buddies did the same @ same time.
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never had this problem, which I dont go fast anymore either. sometimes incorrect jetting can cause it to happen. but how long where you running it wide open? If running it for along period of time and with certain weather conditions it will also cause it to get hot.
I'm thinking she set to lean so i've reset the needle to the middle notch. I'll try her there the next time out.
Imagine eating the hottest pepper on earth, your pipes would be red also. Just it would be our in pipe and out pipe.
When I changed the exhaust on my street bike the shop mech told me to keep an eye on the head pipe cause it would get red hot if the bike was too lean. Sounds like your on the right track.
My buddies 450 Foreman does get red hot,runs great though so he doesn't worry about it.What if that exhaust valve was set a little too tight,hence it would be partially open during combustion causing the hot combustion to exit the headerpipe.
i'd think that would result in a backfire,i'll know if it was set to lean when it warms up here and i can take it on a run @night.Thx for the input.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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