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I have a 2001 foreman es. It back fired a couple of times and blue the baffles in my muffler. What is a good Muffler to put on it?

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If your not concerned with noise, & all you want is pure power, then
HMF all the way.
Dont need no stinking muffler, put a fence post on it.
Weld a glass pack on her!!!
if loudness is not a probelom...i would go with the HMF Utility Series
They will give you a lot more power if jetted properly.
Thank's for the info. Which jet kit should I get?

They are preety much all the same w/ different labeling. Dynojet makes 95% of them and they get relabeled as K&N, Moose, whatever.
What about a good muffler for mudding, one that wont let your bike die if you get the exhaust underwater and let off the gas?
My HMF handle the deep water very well.
foreman450rider's hmf stays under water and keeps runnin
if your's doesnt when you get it turn your idle up a little
HMF all the way
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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