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2002 Honda trx450fm s
6,600 miles
7200 hours
Bought it not running. Cleaned the carb. New spark plug and oil.

At first it wouldn’t kick with starter fluid ( only loud backfire ) so I adjusted valves and double checked them.
Also had to adjust the idle and air fuel ratio since they were both out of spec from previous owner.

It started right up after that. Let it warm up and took it on a test drive. I got up to 30 mph then I started slowing down. Then it stalled and wouldn’t start. Only drove it for a minute or two.

I checked the valves again and the exhaust was tight but the screw didn’t move.
I readjusted and it was about a half turn out on the screw.

Tried to start it and it kick over a bit but didn’t sound right then heard a click and wouldn’t kick anymore.
I took the head apart. I’m not very knowledgeable on valves. I tested with pouring water on the valve to see if it holds. It does hold but blew high pressure compressed air through the intake and exhaust and It let air in.
What do you recommend replacing?

Here a part diagram
Font Line Bicycle part Auto part Drawing
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