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Exhaust System for '06 Foreman S

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I hear alot of good things about Supertrapp exhausts.. Which one would be best 4 my bike. Any help would be greatly apprecheated.

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I say HMF Utility all the way!
Yup.. Alot less expensive too.. Can get a HMF pipe that comes with the main jet and a free air cleaner for about $125 to the door...
rin650 better be droppin some info in a hurry
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would like to know where from a well for that price....but it would have to be able to fit a 450 ...
thats an insane price. I could setup a group buy and could probably a get you all a good price, but not that good.
if he is talking about leesons i think it is more like $219 shipped... but i would like to have one for the $129
Sorry for the delay...I just checked back in... I got the HMF Utility with the main jet and the air filter from Leesons and I do believe that it was less than $130.. This is not the QS1..These are more expensive. I will call him again to see if his prices changed...
please do....ask him about for a 450 s while you are at it....thanks
you better be findin out haas
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I will call first thing tomorrow...Itis 7:45 now and Iam sure he is closed. I will call after theropy at 10:30.. Will post then..
btw hows the knee?
Thanks for asking Flipp...Well 3rd day of theropy and I am crying on the couch in a fetal positon.. This sucks.. They are sitting on my knee trying to straighten it out... Gonna be a long one...Thanks for asking buddy..
Thanx so much.. im in the Southwestern part of oklahoma.. where is leesons and what would shipping be? and which pipe in paticular would be good.. im lookin 4 a good, hearty sound and a lil better performance.

Leesons is out of Bridgeport, WV. The website is .
ugh so that what i have to look forward to, my right knee is in a bad way, and they told me about 4 years ago it'd have to be replaced, but hey i havent been back to the doc so no news is good news right
He||... This is just an ACL replacement using my knee cap and shin bone with your knee cap ligament...6-8 months before your good to go. The total knee replacement only can be done on 65 and older... They only last 8-10 years.. Hope it don't blow again..i'm in a heap of trouble..
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