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Exhaust snorkle

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Hey, I was just wondering about the whole exhaust snorkle deal. I guess I just dont really know what the purpose of it is. Exhaust is constantly blowing out so no water should be getting in. Unless it dies underwater, then I guess it would prevent water from backing up. I could be completely wrong about the thing.
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The deeper you go the greater the pressure on your exhaust. The snorkel allows the exhaust to have only atmospheric pressure on it while you are under water.
if you stall under water ,then you wont need to ask about it
i dont understand the whole deal about the exhaust snorkel either i ride alot of water wheelies and i dont see how you can get much more pressure than 3-4 foot water. if your carb is set right your motor wont die untill the water gets in the airbox. when your in water just dont be an idiot and let out of it just give it at least 1/4 throttle and it shouldnt cut off anyway
as said above, it is not needed. as long as the bike is jetted right you should have no problems.
sometimes you need to let off and then it stalls, maybe you get stuck that happens .plus hmf pipes flow more and air and have larger openings and if they get wet over and over need repacking sooner.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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