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Exhaust Snorkle

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I don't ride like you guys do, I am mostly on trails and around the farm.
Anyhow I was on the ice yesterday and my back end fell through and the exhaust went under the water, I have notice that some of you snorkle the exhaust and others do not.
If it is not snorkled is there anything I need to do after it goes under water?
Is there anything you guys do to make the mud come off easier?
I have read Lemon Pledge or Plexus?
Also with an ES should all the electrical conections be pulled apart and greases with Electrical Grease?
Thanks for the help, and I am looking at 26"gators for the back and maybe a snorkle on the air box this summer, after I read Robb's instructions, it sounds easy. So I probably will have waders on be neck deep in water also
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If the bike stops running, while under water pull it out, maker sure the aibox is empty and fire it up.
As far as electrical connections on the ES the main things you want to grease are the spark plug boot and the voltage rectifier (on th frame above the right rear tire). You should not has to worry about the transmission electronics.
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