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Exhaust snorkel

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I just finished my exhaust snorkel on my foreman, with the spark arrestor off the flanged end of the pipe fit right into the end and I welded it up. I will post some picks as soon as I get my camera out of my sister-in-laws car.

I have never really needed one, but I was bored and wanted to try it, besides it sounds better than it did before and I think it only cost $15 including the high-temp paint.
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I think they are a good idea to have. Just one more ins. policy.
That is kind of what I was thinking too, plus I thought that it looked good, I need to do one on the recon I milked it last weekend because it died in the water and the only way the water could have got in was the exhaust, the new snorkel was dry.
How do you snorkel your exhaust? Is it like Raveer has?
The extended tailpipe?
Here are those pipes, and yeah Railroader you pretty much just extend the tailpipe above the water level.
Looks really good, did you just get the flange welded up to the stock exhaust?
When I took the spark arrestor off the pipe fit just inside the hole in the back of the stock exhaust. I then just welded aroung it.
what size is that? im making one for my rubicon and dont know what size would be best.
I believe that it is 2" ID.
Nice Snorkel
Thanks, I like having my exhaust snorkeled a lot more than I thought I would, I have had my stall out in a few feet of water and you don't have to worry about cranking it back up. Nice piece of mind.
QUOTE ("Railroader":34b31dh5)
How do you snorkel your exhaust? Is it like Raveer has?
The extended tailpipe?
That is the same setup as mine RR. Except I used 3" diameter pipe and mine is not quite that tall.
sorry for all the questions but i know people can help me here. do you think a 2 or 2 1/2 inch I.D. would be a good size for my rubicon? if not what would. i have never messed with exhaust snorkels and dont know whats best. also could someone tell me what the sound difference between the 2 and the 2 1/2 would be? i am looking fot a low rumble sound. also this is going to be on a tractor muffler so theres no disks or baffles in the muffler.
Thanks alot,Aaron
The bigger the exhaust pipe the more amplified the sound will be. But either one will work. If your looking for something like the low rumble of a big block, I am not sure the tractor muffler will be the pipe for you.
My tractor muffler w/ 3 inch pipe has a very low rumble at idle until I get on the gas then all you hear is LOUD
thanks for the replys! i think i will go with a 2 1/2 or 3inch.
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