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exhaust snorkel pipe question.

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I'm going to snorkel my exhaust after I jet it and put a hmf and kn filter and was wondering what size of a pipe I need to use for it any help would be appreciated i have an 05 foreman 500es
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i used a 2 1/2" on my rubicon and it sounded good, it dont really matter what size you go but the bigger you go the deeper it will sound. i would not go any smaller than 2"
is exhaust snorkels custom or can you buy them
Good question..I only know of manufactures making snorkles ( meaning intake )..I personally have never seen advertisement for the exhaust. Sorry I can't help. But, since I have nothing else better to do 23 hrs a day, I am going to do some lookin' for ya. I will get back with ya.
i never saw anyone that sold exhaust snorkles, they are really easy to make, just go to your local muffler shop and they can make it for you.
OK...Just checked Bayou and Triangle. Neither has advertisement for exhaust. Both have Intake pics. Not one bike had nor were there any pics or description of Exhaust. Sorry. There are plenty of " custom exhaust " under Yahoo. Type .. in quotes .. " ATV Snorkles " and it will come up. Or go with his idea. He apparently has some insight to Exhaust snorkles. Thats the best I can do..Hope that helps...
thanks for the help i think it would be easyer to just got to exaust shop and have one made. its kind of stupid they make a kit to make it breath better but not exhale better oh well. whats some of the things that can go wrong when installing a snorkel?
I only have an Intake on both bikes. We just let it " gurgle and blub " under water. Aint never had no problems with it. I have even had the bikes stall in deep water and they start right back up and blow the water out. Never had a problem or a ned for the Exhaust Snorkle. Hope I am not missing something and doing harm to the bikes...
ok so from your knowlage there is no problem with out an exaust snorkle now ive looked at intake snorkles and they say it can be expencive if it is installed wrong whats up there
Not that " I " know of...but could be wrong.. I made custom Intake Snorkles on mine to fit our riding needs and ran them to my likeing... They are very cheep to make instead fo spending the money on a manufactured one...

A knowledgable mechanic may find dangers and hopefully tell me them, but I am unaware of any...until someone can let me in on some info...
i gess there can be some danger, snorkles can mess up the air flow to the motor and can make a bike run too lean or too rich wich can be bad on a bike if not fixed, this is a common thing that happens but can be fixed by rejeting or even adjusting the air/fuel mixture screw. if the snorkel is not sealed up good around the air box it can let water,mud,and/or dust in the air box and may make its way into the motor,this should not happen as long as you make sure you seal up everything good. for the exhaust snorkel, 4wheelers can be totally differnt, some bikes will run all day in water but some exhausts will shut off when whater goes over it, you will just have to find out for yourself by putting your hand over the exhaust to see how easy it shut off or the more risky and some times more accurate way by accually taking the 4wheeler in the water just to see if it shuts off. i always would just take mine in the water to see if it would shut off but eather way will work.
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Yes, I agree with these possibilities and they are comon. As long as you seal the air box and have no cuts or holes, you will be fine. The Hondas I have don't stall in water, and actually run great up to the handlebars ( obviously under the control pod ) with no prolems..
thanks for the help
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