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Exhaust Question

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I'm looking for an exhaust that has good power (better than stock) but not as loud as the hmf. I have the supertrapp idsx2 (think that's what it's called). I always install the stock exhaust when hunting and i'm tired of jet it .Is there any exhaust that has good performance with low noise? How about the Atv Stealth Exhaust System does it work? Someone must know about or heard it? Or am i asking to much?
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how about the fmf megamax? my couson has one of them on his 450 and when he puts all the disks and everything it isnt really loud at all, its not as quiet as stock but is still a little quiet.
yeah i would go with a Benz pipe after the supertrapp.
What's a Benz pipe
only the greatest invention for hunting in the world <a class="postlink" href="
meZWDVW"> ... enameZWDVW</a>

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I guess that's my only option.Up here we have that called Stealth exhaust, I wonder how much power you loose? I know they say almost no power loss but in exhaust less noise means less power. Anybody running that kind of exhaust?
what about a FMF powerline? not that louder then stock, No packing and no disk crap. not that louder then stock. as soon as i get some cash/time in the summer/fall i'm goina get one for my foreman.
Keep me posted on how you like it.
A buddy of mine runs the benz silencer on his 02 rubicon and he could not
tell a power loss other than a couple of mph on top end. In my opinion
it is a must for hunting VERY QUIET !!! Its on my to do list for my foreman.
wonder how well if works with aftermarket pipes or if you would have to make an addapter
Not sure. His bolted up with the original three bolt holes.
Some of the new models are pressure fitted, no bolts just
a tight fit.
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