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Exhaust leak (hopefully)

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I was wondering if anyone had an exhaust leak. I can't seem to find out where it is. I can definately hear a noise that sounds like an exhaust leak. but it sounds like it's coming from the output of the exhaust. The dreaded question is, or is there something else wrong? I had it sitting for about 3 weeks and it was fine. I started it up on the weekend and it was making that sound.
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I dont know how the critters are there and where you store your bike. but here if it sits outside to long rats, birds and dirt dibbers(wasp) will build anest in anything they can fine. There are only 2 places it can leak, the head and the slip joint under the seat.
Remove the heat shield and check for cracks where the mounting brackets for the shield are welded on the head pipe. That's where I finally found the leak in mine.
ok thanks guys, I will check it out.
ok thanks guys, I will check it out.
I took my muffler apart and found half of the packing was missing. Would it cause the rattling? It's a Cobra pipe. How do you get the packing to stay in? Looks like there was some kind of tape holding it in.
I have never had a cobra pipe apart to see what the insides look like. maybe one of the support welds broke or rusted loose. As far as I know the packing is just stuffed inside them.
I found that the removable part of the pipe is rattling. There is only one screw holding the entire assembly in. I guess I will just have to live with it unless I can find a way to secure the baffles better.
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